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Stupid twister of emotions

It was awfully weird to walk down the bridge that I burnt down three years back. And yet, here I am feeling a bit of bad and sad about the good bye.

Good bye, Dr Zia Saquib. Thank you and have a fulfilling journey ahead.
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No more online wallet transactions especially with MobiKwik

Until the issues are resolved, this is going to be 30+ days of constant nightmare. Two transactions were messed up by Mobikwik folks:
1) Mahanagar Gas payment done on 13th May 2017 for Rs 684. Today I checked on www.mahanagargas.com if new bill is generated, only to be shown that my past bill is unpaid and 100 rs penalty has been levied over it. It is asking me to pay 784 rs. Reported this issue on Mobikwik but I am really scared of how this thing is going to unfold now. Don't know if there is any point raising this issue with Mahanagar Gas folks but will still attempt one. If my assumptions are right, Mobikwik as payment aggregator won't be issuing independent transactions to Utility folks. Should get more clarity on this aspect based on response of Mahanagar Gas folks to the Transaction IDs and invoice of Mobikwik that I will be sharing with them.
2) While making payment to Yatra through MobiKwik wallet on 26th May 2017, first time transaction failed because of poor network connectivity. Amount in excess of 4K was withdrawn from my bank but it did not reflect in Mobikwik wallet. Called up bank today as followup to issue reported on 30th May 2017. Bank guy informed that Mobikwik has claimed that amount from Visa and now they are issuing chargeback on the merchant (Mobikwik) through Visa. The weird thing is, if Mobikwik claimed that amount, it hasn't reflected that amount in my wallet even till date. This is 18 days since the day they claimed amount from visa folks. That's highly unethical and amounts to fraud as per my understanding.

Freecharge has already bitten dust. Paytm doesn't seem to be doing well either and not sure if it could survive if Alibaba folks pull financial support from them. My nightmare about Mobikwik folks being that with all these fraudulent behaviours depicted by them, they might abruptly declare bankruptcy with no body in government or judiciary to help recover money back. Damn it! Saving pennies against transactions leading to this pound foolish era of another kind!
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Remembering V Shantaram

I remember V Shantam as the guy who glamourized non-violence. I have hated Amitabh Bachchan for being the very opposite. He glamourized violence through his angry young man enactment in his most movies. The message that used to be central theme of movies of past before his arrival, was lost in his noise of entertainment, blood thirstiness and revenge filled stories. And his ridiculous success made good actors like Dharmendra, Sasi kapoor etc follow the same stupid trail. At least Sasi Kapoor was able to reinvent his talent back when he took up movies like Vijeta, Kalyug etc. But Dharmendra just lost it. The guy who played the most cherishing characters in Satyakam, Chupke Chupke, Guddi, Anupama etc becomes the unwanted Heman persona of Indian entertainment industry. So yeah, while the Indian spectators may be going bonkers over Amitabh Bachchan, I reserve my adoration for likes of Balraj Sahani, Dharmendra of pre 80s era, V Shantaram who could soothe out the nerves through their enactments/directions etc.

I was reminded of V Shantaram while I unknowingly started humming "Jab andhera ghanaa chaa raha, tera insaan ghabra raha. Woh burai karen, hum bhalai karen..." from Ae malik tere bande hum song. Well, that's my way. I rarely start a song from beginning. It's mostly some middle para :P

V Shantaram created many amazing movies. But I remember him for Kotnis portrayal and the Dau Aankhen Baarah Haath movie. When Mel Gibson was promoting Hacksaw Ridge on Stephen Colbert show, Hacksaw Ridge sounded just like remake of Dr Kotnis ki Amar Kahani. How often do you witness a character that inspires you to heal the world even while standing in the middle of a battlefield. Dau Aankhen Baarah Haath was also about healing those 6 prisoners through reforms. It's very easy to be narcissistic parasite in this world. But it isn't difficult either to stay symbiotic if not the healer. It may not look rewarding but then which reward can you actually carry to the next world when you finally leave. Your actions, your deeds on the other hand may continue to preserve the hope in the journey of life of others.
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Visitors/Refugees/Menace, pick whatever name you want...

Remaining, here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/peeyush/tags/monkey

We took their homes away

But the only reason they are here, is because we took their homes away. Each time you turn a blind eye to destruction of their habitat, their homes, they have no choice except to visit your windows, your balcony hoping to find food for themselves and their babies. Yeah, they steal your food from your kitchen or from the garbage bin but then who brought them to this. I wonder if Mother nature is just being awfully patient with us and our deeds or that it knows that we will press self destruct button sooner or later for self as well. We love violence, we are greedy and now that no other entity challenges our survival, we will do that to ourselves. Nature will survive though. It always did. I just hope, in next cycle whenever its due, it doesn't go about creating humans ever again.
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For a keen eye





Made minor modification to the handlebar height. Did not feel much difference though during short 5 KM ride in the morning. But one thing surely got impacted. While walking around with cycle, I would hold the handlebar stem to push bike as well as manoeuvre the turns. Now, it is painful to do so. If it turns out to be too much problem, I might reposition the rings to their earlier positions.
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Awesome! Now I have formal permission from Doc to ride cycle :D

Had accumulated guilt filled 530.7 KMs till now :P

He did suggest me to ride normal bike without bending too much. Good thing is that I have twisted the drop down bar slightly upwards to get the bull horn type grip engaging the hud over shifters and brake. Also, I have reduced the seat height a little bit so that I don't have to bend my back a little too much.

Have lectures starting from 15/16th Feb which will go till 27th Feb. The evasive 100 KM ride probably won't occur in this month, it seems like. I do hope that I am able to earn it before the hot weather kicks in. As of now, I am toggling between Road Bike and 29er. I do find Road Bike more comfortable with better cadence but I do am scared of wearing out the tires of road bike faster than the MTB counterpart on the 29er. Will be difficult to ride Road bike during monsoon, so I do plan to ride road bike as much as possible during winter and summer. And yeah, I still haven't given up on the 10000 KMs target though it is nearly an impossible target considering how lazy I am and haven't had stamina to convert even 70/80 KM ride into a 100 KM one :|
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Docooler M9S Pro

As usual, the story of getting this box was/is a weird one. I had been contemplating buying raspberry Pi 3 for home with an intent of fiddling with it for IoT stuff and at the same time, let it serve as enabler of smart tv thingy out of the Micromax 40" FHD TV that I have. Was unhappy with the excessive price tag it carries in India and started searching for alternatives. Went through Orange PI, Banana PI and whatnot. Stumbled upon Aliexpress courtesy Orange PI thingy and eventually onto M9S boxes. Fiddled around two days looking at these boxes, variants and what separated it from OrangePI/RaspberryPI etc. Decided to buy the 3GB RAM, 32 GB ROM variant (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Docooler-3GB-DDR-332GB-ROM-Android-TV-Box-Amlogic-S905-Quad-Core-KODI16-0-Fully-Loaded/32697868748.html) as against Raspberry PI at price of 3.7K as against 2.5K of Raspberry PI. Aliexpress delivered it within 10 days and have plugged it with HDMI of TV since then for playing HEVC encoded stuff, a format that my TV won't understand.

Before you read further, here's quick suggestion - Don't buy it!!

Okay, now you may read further :P

Box works perfectly fine for the normal routine usage. Antutu reported score of 29000 but also reported that the kernel running on it is 32 bit even though Amlogic S905 supports 64 bit processing. There aren't ready custom ROMs in 64bit available to upgrade the OS from 5.1 32 bit to 6.x variant with 64 bit kernel. While hunting through all the stuff on net, came across Russian site wherein one person claimed that Chinese are cheating by wrongly claiming it to be 3/32GB box but in reality it is 2/16GB box. So I ran through 3 different apps to figure out about the claims. CPU-Z and Antutu are listing it to be 3/32 GB configuration but Spec Device app is listing it to be 2/16 GB configuration.

Docooler M9S Pro configuration as reported by CPU-Z

Docooler M9S Pro configuration as reported by Antutu

Docooler M9S Pro configuration as reported by Spec Device

Now here is my problem. Which app reads only the sysinfo file sorta thing vs which app actually drills the hardware capacity isn't understood. In essence, which listing to trust, is not known. It creates lots of distrust with Aliexpress and vendor not knowing whether I have been scammed or not. So here's my recommendation - Go for 2 GB/16GB variant. Because, anyways the kernel is sub-par until they come out with 64bit upgrade but I doubt anyone at docooler is working on it. These boxes were out in Aug 2016 and since then no updates to stock rom has been rolled out by anyone.

As for equating it with Raspberry Pi, I doubt I can do that level of trickery in electronics to jump some circuit and connect IoT/Sensors on it. People are attempting few things and I surely am tempted but whether I am able to gather that sort of courage of frying up circuits... Only time will tell :)
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Update of the day - discharged from Physiotherapy

Three Physiotherapists guided my recovery in last 6 weeks. Primarily by Dr Khushboo with last two sessions presided by Dr Shobha Atre and occasional guidance of Dr Mrunali. I thank all three of you :)

Dr Shobha was happy with the progress and concluded my physiotherapy sessions training me on one more additional exercise. The count stands now 14 and the last one requires me to lie down on my stomach, take support of pillow at abdomen, keep hands stretched and then slowly slide them closure brining elbows in bending position and lifting shoulder and stretching back upwards.

Will seek closure and clearance of Dr Arvind Kulkarni in coming week. I hope he approves of my cycling because then the guilt of riding without his consent will fade away :D

I need to maintain discipline of exercising daily without letting laziness get over me. Also need to get the earlier momentum of cycling back in action. Hopefully, this year I should be able to target 10K KMs :D
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Logs of last 7 weeks - attempted

Though I had planned to log each week's experience so that I don't forget how I progressed through it, but could not do for multiple reasons. The first two weeks were painful enough to even sit for more than 5 mins. And typing on lappy lying down on bed with no pillow support turned out way tougher. Subsequent to that, was busy tackling backlog of one activity that went till 30th Dec. It kinda broke rhythm between plan and action. Anyhow, here's the log as I remember it (accuracy level will be low though).

30 Nov to 6 Dec
Mild discomfort in back, aggravated gradually across 6 days. My biggest mistake was not to take leave during this period. I should have rested my back but there was some sort of weirdish deadline for a weirdish activity. Worse part was that activity wasn't completed as I had difficulty sitting in chair for more than 10/15 minutes. Standing and walking also wasn't helping out. Until this time, me and family believed that it was chanak/chamak thingy and kinda took it lightly. My walking posture started become more and more stiff. 5th December, I made another mistake. I stood in queue at ICICI bank to deposit few notes. But machine won't accept cash deposit because bank was awaiting KYC thingy that is supposed to be done every 3 months apparently. Waited for staff who came in very late and who was so busy talking with her boyfriend on phone that she didn't pay heed to my request. Frustrated I left from there, went office and by evening it was big mess. Decided to take off and sought Brother's help. He arranged my meeting with Dr Arvind, who diagnosed it to be minor slip disc and prescribed bed rest for 5 days.

7 Dec to 14 Dec
Bed rest wasn't easy. Lifting up to get into sitting position was awfully painful. Standing up was challenge of different sort. By now posture was completely screwed. I was hating my decision of previous week, my body parts and one organ specifically (bladder, if you must know :P). One friend had arranged lumbar support belt but eventually decided to have my own. Talked to Doctor and bought lumbar support belt. By then Ultracet and Dynapar started kicking in better. Pain was gradually sorted out but the posture remained major issue. Even when I was standing straight, my body appeared tilted more towards left side. In followup visit, Doctor recommended Physio which I started very next day itself.
Resumed office on 12th Dec with occasional leaves in between.

Dec 15 to 22 Dec
Was taught 5 exercises for back strengthening. The first 5 exercises were
1) Lying down, lift waist a few cm up keeping knees straight. Requires heels to dig in.
2) Lying down, clamp buttocks which inadvertently lifts the waist but without any pressure on heel.
3) Lying down, fold knees and lift waist a few centimeters
4) Lying down, keep knees in folding position, bring each knee one at a time closer to your chest.
5) Lying down, keep knees in folding position, drop knees to left side by 30 degrees then to the right side by 30 degrees.

I was told to hold position in each exercise for 5 counts and do each exercise 10 times. I enquired with one of my closest friend if doing more counts and more rounds will be bad. She said it will be okay but I need to pay heed to pain. If I am feeling pain, I need to take break. I started doing 10 counts of holding position and 20 steps in each exercise. Also started doing exercise twice a day. Once post bath, other after returning from office. In followup visit with doctor, asked him when can I start cycling again. Was told strictly not to do for another month. He said Back strengthening requires more time. Told me to continue with Physio until then. Next visit is due in last week of Jan.

Dec 22 to Dec 29
Was taught 4 more exercise.
1) Lying down, stretch left leg downwards while moving right one slightly towards up. Repeat with right leg.
2) lying down, lift left foot upwards keeping right pinned to the mat. Repeat with right foot.
3) In sitting position, lift left foot to bring leg in straight position parallel to ground while keeping right one folded. Repeat with right one.
4) In sitting position, keep hands on waist and left twist waist so as to see as much as to left/back side. Repeat to right side.

First time, lifting right leg was quite painful in both lying down stance as well as sitting stance. Even though doc had said I can take painkillers on SoS basis, I decided not to take any meds. Talked to friend again. She enquired if it was stiffness pain or the body pain. Realized it was stiffness pain. Ignored it and continued exercise gradually overcoming the stiffness pain. It's not completely gone but sensation is quite mild now.

Dec 30 to Jan 6
Was taught 2 additional exercise for standing position
1) Take support of wall, but stand with feet bit farther from wall so that you have a slightly bend position from waist down. Then start bending forwards keeping your palms aligned to legs till you reach knee caps. Slowly try going as farther as possible.
2) In same position, this time bend side ways so that left hand can reach knees cap side ways. Repeat with right hand.
This exercise didn't create any problem. I did try going beyond knee caps gradually. I must admit, I could never do crunches properly. Going beyond knee caps was quite a new thing for me :P

Jan 7 till date
I was told to take off from physio on 14th Jan. Will be visiting them on 21st now. Was taught 2 more exercises this time for strengthening abs.
1) Lying down, keeping knees folded, I have to press tummy inwards as much as possible and hold in that position for 5 seconds.
2) Lying down, keeping knees folded, I have to cross my arms so that left palm touches right shoulder and right palm touches left shoulder and have to lift my head/shoulder/back upwards.

2nd was way tougher to manage. I went breathless with both exercise to start with. But I have maintained the double count thing for these as well. As of date, the total exercise routines are 13 which I perform in counts of 290 in morning and 260 or 290 in evening subject to my laziness level :P

There are 3 exercise that I perform for 30 count. Lying down, lifting each leg up; Sitting, lifting each leg; lying down with arms crossed, lifting shoulder/head/back upwards. Others are done for 20 counts. I try for 10 seconds but to be honest, our counting habits tend to go faster over time. So I suspect if they are 10 seconds to be precise. But they are at least 6/7 seconds for sure.

One good thing during 7th Jan visit with Physio was that this time they allowed me to start cycling smaller rides and let them know how it goes. I was to start cycling last friday but ended up taking off to make Til-laddu at home :D. As of today, I think my posture has gone back to how it was earlier. It was never perfect because I always tend to keep my shoulders in drooping position as they are best for my lazy stance :P. I am wearing lumbar support only for long journeys (like Pune trip on 10th Jan) and only for cycling. Lumbar support is off for most of the time.

Small confession - My physio allowed me to cycle probably because of nagging in each session :P. My doctor might kill me if I disclose about cycling to him. Am I worried? Yes, a lot. Slip disc/herniated disc is a bad word. It may be recoverable but it tends to shake up your confidence a lot. I am more nervous about lifting weight than other things. Your brain tends to go over active in monitoring any pain/sensation in back or limb. You get afraid of jerks and speed bumps. Your reflexes go for a toss during the pain period. Your reaction is very slow. Even if doctor would have allowed me for cycling, I know I could not have managed riding bikey. Thanks to Doc, Physio and my friend who kept me in check on cycling. I whined like a kid but they didn't pay heed :D
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